Cornerstones Sunday School Rotation Curriculum

Pam and TomA message to our customers:

Some of us have shared this ride together since about 1995 when the Workshop Rotation Model was just getting off the ground. There is no other model of Christian Education that can energize an entire congregation, inviting everyone to weave their talents into the Bible stories. At the same time, those teachers witness to their own active faith. The next generation has to be equipped to lead the world with a solid foundation of morality and justice. Our work is so important.

For those of you who will be using Cathedral: A Pilgrim's Path, I hope that you enjoy how the focus on sacred space and journey impacts your entire faith community. I intend to offer it to my own church as the education piece that spiritually binds us to a capital building campaign. Cool, huh?

For those of you who will be using Stepping Stones Preschool Curriculum, I wrote it through the eyes of my 3-4 year old grandson. What did he need to know and experience as his first introduction to an active faith life? How would every lesson create a link to a relationship with God and Jesus Christ? The first steps of that path are illuminated, beckoning those preschoolers to follow, along with their families.

Many of you have asked about my plans. As I turn 65, it is a balancing act of travel, family, getting rid of stuff, pursuing health, gardening and being involved at my home church, Glenview Community Church. It's a full life. The only thing that I will lack is an outlet for my creative ideas.

I have appreciated the path that Cornerstones opened, leading to a shared journey with you. It's been a pilgrimage to the center of my every-growing faith.

Blessings on your ministry,


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